Case Study: Human Flip Book Promotes Sub Shop

  • 150 t-shirts.
  • Hours of ironing images and taking carefully placed photos.
  • 9 hours of an intern posing in them.

The result? A human flip book (TheHumanFlipBook) to promote sandwich restaurant, A sub restauran, Erbert & Gerber, hired Colle & McVoy to produce the viral video, and the “making of” is as fascinating as the promotion (and, smartly, includes the finished product). Almost 400K views since its September launch. Without knowing the price, I think its fair to assume it was a good buy for Erbert & Gerber — pennies per view maybe?


5 Replies to “Case Study: Human Flip Book Promotes Sub Shop”

  1. I remember a guy who was doing this with each shirt he made you had to walk around the whole shirt to see the story, anyone remember?

    But this was a great idea and marketing tool.

  2. I remember 4 or 5 guys who had great drawings crawl around on their bare torsos. One of them got featured on Youtube. One was a TV commercial several years ago. I think I saw a couple on Revver, too.

  3. What is it with t-shirts and videos? The online video craze must have made t-shirt makers wealthy. It’s a lot cheaper to write on your palm with a sharpie… but a lot costlier to get a tattoo. Nalts, what becomes of your leftover message t’s? Charity, or are you saving them for the Nalts costume museum?

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