2 Year Anniversary of Online Videos

Almost every interview I do, someone asks how I got started in online video. The reality is that I’ve been making short videos since I was in highschool, and most of them are still sitting in the basement on deteriating VHS tapes. Except Attack of the Killer Slinky.

But online video for me started almost exactly two years ago today. I walked into the dark room of designers and programmers that worked with me in Johnson & Johnson’s global pharmaceutical web group (or whatever the heck our name was at that time). “Does anyone know where I can upload my videos and share in the ad revenue,” I asked. Derrick said YouTube was pretty popular, but it didn’t share ad revenue. Pinacki gave me a strange look and then farted. (Later I would cast them in Burger King Outsources, and only then did they take any interest in my hobby).

Later in December I picked up this copy of PCMagazine and discovered Revver. Finally on December 11 I uploaded “Baby Topples Over” (which was an older video) to test Revver. It wasn’t until more than a month later that I reluctantly decided to post on YouTube (and for the remaining 9 months my videos were getting 20-50 views max on YouTube).

I suppose I’ve got well more than 600 videos up if you include the 558 on YouTube and whatever ones I never bothered posting to YouTube (but are on Revver). If you counted my alternative channels and collaboration videos I’d guess we’re closer to 800. About one every other day for two years… what if I had exercised instead?

Some day I’ll sort out the best since  the vast majority are “throw aways” or inside jokes.

7 Replies to “2 Year Anniversary of Online Videos”

  1. Happy anniversary Nalts. Although, without you I probably would not have gotten addicted to YouTube. I, too, would have exercised more, spent more time with my family, quit smoking, and be a generally better person. Oh well, can’t have everything!

  2. “Attack of the Killer Slinky” – You’re dad sounds like a true son of NOLA, but I’m still wondering how you got Jo to marry you? VHS: Return the Iphone and get a vhs to dvd converter, Marquis needs a challenge.
    Congratulation on making it these past two years, you’ve encouraged and inspired a lot of people, including me 🙂 Whoever said nice guys finish last and aren’t any fun, hadn’t a clue.

    100 more! Cheers!

  3. Yes, this is a very important day, but even more momentous is the day when you moved from being a noob to a viral video genius.

    Wait, I’m supposed to spell noob with two zeros — like n00b, right? Oh man, I totally pwned myself!

  4. Just now saw this and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Kevin Nalts! I just love the “Attack of the Killer Slinky” Totallly Awesome! But your dad is right, and you should have played sports like all the other kids! No, just kidding! Keep on rockin!

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