Who’s The REAL Winner of “Next Internet Millionaire”?

trippy gets engagedWell the Next Internet Millionaire is over, and it was between YouTube Weblebrity Charles Trippy and some other Canadian gal. The Canadian gal took the $25K prize, but Trippy proposed to his girlfriend in a hot air balloon. So who’s the real winner here?

Oh. And Trippy’s still “selling out” (see video) his Viral Video Fever with lots of upsells, value-adds, extras, and “wait- there’s more.”

Trippy got some coaching from Joel Comm on how to propose, but they edited out the “wait- before you say no, I’ll toss in a lifetime of devotion, complete honesty and this Adsense book.”

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  1. Did anyone else notice that for almost the whole series Charles was wearing his usual ‘slacker’ type clothes but for the final episode he actually wore a shirt with a collar and a pull over – like a Joel/Trippy hybrid person? (maybe Trippy was starting to come around to Joel’s fashion sense too) 😉

    Anyway congrats Charles, after that episode I bought not only Jaime’s book (already bought your DVDs the previous episode) but I bought Joel’s as well – must’ve been caught in the moment. Note to marketers – having a marriage proposal on your sales page may boost earnings!

  2. he was engaged before Alli Speed??? did they get married?? who cares… hes with Alli so… yeah(:

  3. None of this info is true. NONE OF IT IS TRUE!!!! This is probably some person who makes up stories and takes pictures of people and edits them to make them look like this!!! I doubt this is real.

  4. Sorry to tell ya phil, but its real, he proposed to Allie (maybe correct spelling) it fell apart then he proposed to Alli Speed who he is supposed to marry in fall of 2011

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