Videos Just for Dads (and how to clean poop from the tub)

dad poop in tubAs a dad, I suspect some of my viewers are too. Here’s a nice discovery for you dads out there.  It’s called “DadLabs.”

It’s edgy and humorous but informative tips on parenting, fatherhood, children, and coping with wives and moms. There are about 100 shows so far, with “Poop in the Tub” being a favorite. Don’t worry- you won’t be traumatized by this video like you might have been from a recent viral video that deals with the same subject matter. This is simulated poop (chili).

Here’s a background on the mission and creators of DadLabs.

This is the kind of niche, short-form, well produced content that online video will be all about. It’s possible this could be used for a television show, but it’s perfectly packaged for busy dads who need tips from fellow dads in a forum that’s engaging and entertaining.

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  1. i actually had to clean poop from the tub a few weeks ago…that video could have been useful to me then, but i don’t think the experience would have been any less digusting.

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