Expose: Famous YouTubers Who Don’t Watch Videos

I was embarassed to notice that I’ve only watched one YouTube video for about every 3800 times someone has viewed one of mine (my Nalts videos have been viewed 16 million times on YouTube but I’ve only watched about 4K videos). Seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it?

nalts youtube stats

So then I began exploring some of the most popular YouTubers that have lots of people viewing them, but don’t watch many videos in return.

  • sleep.jpgThe worse offenders are the media channels, but that’s understandable. They’re there to distribute not watch.
  • MiaRose– The 6th most subscribed YouTuber has been viewed 31 million times, buthas only watched 270 videos. Mia…
  • Justin Laiply– the man behind “The Evolution of the Dance” has been viewed 65 million times (almost exclusively on one of his four video), but has only viewed about 815 videos to date.
  • At 17 million views, DaxFlame has only watched 2300 videos. Not bad, but he’s got no excuse except homework.
  • BritneyTV– she’s watched just 27 videos, against the 20 million that have viewed hers. Shame, Britney. Even Oprah, the Youtube Virgin, is up to 157 (although something’s telling us she’s not watching ’em all). 

So who loves back the community the most? The “courtesy reach around” winners:

  • Michael Buckley, despite his incredible number of subscribers and views, holds a decent ratios of views/watch. He’s watched almost 11 thousand videos between his WhatTheBuck and Peron75 accounts.
  • Mr. Pregnant. He’s watched more than 105,000 videos. Get out much or did you find an auto refresh application to pump up views?
  • Even more surprising? Mr. Safety also has watched a whooping 420,000 videos (compared to his 14.6 million video views). I’ll bet 53.5% of those views are of his own videos.

8 Replies to “Expose: Famous YouTubers Who Don’t Watch Videos”

  1. Now now, let’s not be hasty. My videos watch counter has been stuck at something over 10.000 for a year, even though I’ve watched countless videos and notified YouTube staff that something is wrong with the mechanism since it obviously isn’t counting my video views properly.

    You know, it really isn’t a bad idea to check (or at least look at) the story from the other end.

  2. You SHOULD be embarrassed. However, I have the perfect solution for you. I have 39 videos up. If you watch each of my videos 100 times, that will almost double your number of videos viewed.

    Alternatively, you can watch four of them 1,000 times each. That will give you even more.

  3. “reach around” LOL, Nalts you’re the greatest man!

    Did you add all your sock puppet accounts…hell you’ve probably watch 1 million videos with all those added in! 🙂

  4. “I’ll bet 53.5% of those views are of his own videos.”
    hahahahaha you’re on a rollllllllll

    I watch few videos which is probably why I have so only a couple of subscribers who actually watch, and I stopped welcoming people who subscribe less they leave a comment or send me a message. But I do support those I watch religiously. Probably not the best recipe for popularity on youtube.

    I’ll tell you what I think helps, collaborations, getting a partner or someone with a lot of subscribers to feature your video or a bot to push your numbers to the top oh and there’s one other secret that helps…visit my blog to find out 😉

  5. wow from 200 subscribers less than a year ago to 23,700subs today
    /547 video=43 subs per video, roughly. 547/94 weeks =6 videos a week, roughly. Not that those numbers mean a whole lot.

  6. The videos watched has been broken for a long time, I have watched a lot more videos than it gives me credit for. Oh well, just another YT bug, eh?

    Oh, and Mr Safety did admit that his view count got so high by someone (he claims it wasn’t him) using an auto-refresher. He did a video about it awhile ago but i’m too lazy to check and see if it’s still there.

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