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metacafe top earnersmetacafe unfiltered logoMore than 90 percent of my online-videos have been seen via YouTube, but I haven’t yet seen revenue from the YouTube Partnership program (and when I do receive my first check, I’m not able to disclose the amount).

I am allowed to discuss my earnings on other sites. I’ve made more than $2500.00 on Revver, and more than $4,000.oo on Metacafe. Here’s the Nalts Revver channel, and here’s the Nalts Metacafe channel.

Metacafe has delivered on its promise to help provide a secondary (if not primary) income to select amateurs, with the leader being Kipkay, who has earned more than $75,000 on Metacafe to date. With this one video (turning a flashlight into a laser pointer) he’s made more than I have via ad revenue.

The folks at Metacafe have been extremely patient as we’ve slowly rolled out a new series called “Metacafe Unflitered,” which features Metacafe artists that have profited on the site. I co-host a series with Angela Calman from MediaMogirl. Angela and I met while she was doing a story about Metacafe, and then collaborated on a series of news reports where I played a dysfunctional weather guy. My favorite is when I got struck by lightening.

metacafe unfiltered nalts angela calmanTo date, we’ve shot several episodes of MetacafeUnfiltered, and plan to feature some of the top successful artists that have turned a hobby into a profession. Here’s the first episode featuring Brandon Mcconnell, aka SpacePainting. The California artist (see has earned more than $20K on Metacafe, and his online fame has increased his sales and bookings.

We’re soon featuring Magic Roy, who has turned his love for magic into more than $15,000 of Metacafe Rewards income, and also boosted his magic career. Got a favorite Metacafe Producer (preferably a popular one) you’d like to learn about? Post below or comment on Metacafe’s blog.


Author: Nalts

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9 thoughts on “Making Money on Metacafe”

  1. Metacafe hates me, and I hate that site. Every video I upload gets called “GAY AN RETARDID LOLZZZZ” and people tell me to “goah kill urself lolz”. I’ve never uploaded a video that has gotten a good comment, or a rating higher than 2 stars, so I think that the site is a waste of time for someone like me. I tried it out, and I failed.

  2. I’d tried metacafe – but backed off because it’s a little noisy visually –
    if they toned it down a bit I’d pay more attention.

    I’m going to echo this again as others will, what’s the deal with this nondisclosure and youtube? Where’s the youtube underground when you actually NEED them?

    Honestly, I’m really surprised youtube’s been able to keep it a secret this long and the fact you haven’t been paid at all since nappy, doesn’t speak well for google. Have you sent them a letter?

  3. Metacafe hates me, too, Reubnick. I get the same puerile comments. I get the same “stay out of our private club” ratings. It seems infantile over there.

    Worse, I get jerked around on the uploading. I upload to them and 11 other sites simultaneously using Tubemogul and Tubemogul indicates that the video transfered fine to all 12 sites, INCLUDING METACAFE. Yet when I log in to Metacafe, they say the file was removed because it was corrupted (yeah, BY Metacafe, AFTER it was received!).

    OR, I get some lying email from them telling me the video I uploaded was a duplicate. Not even good lies. Poor lies. If it’s a private club for the reviewers’ buddies, why don’t they just say so?

  4. Marquis- congrats on Revver. What’s the secret? Your quality, your marketing of your vids, your quantity or the short duration?

    Reubnick- Metacafe is an international site without much of a supportive community. It’s mostly people with high expectations for killer (and often racey) content. I don’t check my comments there. Just post and run. But I will say this for the site- you’re more likely to get stuck watching videos on the homepage… good content and rotates more than YT.

  5. My secret? Why I affiliate all of your Revver videos, of course!

    And, uh….about short duration videos: I added up the time lengths of the last 500 of my videos and the time lengths of the last 500 of yours and guess what? In total, your videos are shorter than mine. 🙂 Check my math. I checked it twice because that’s just the kind of OCD I have.

    But you made 4 grand on Metacafe and I couldn’t make one cent. Not one. Not even a whiff of one. All I got was insults and headaches.

    Keep pumping your good stuff over there to Revver, please Kevin, so that I can continue to get my cut of your viral video genuis. 🙂

  6. I tried uploading through TM on Revver and a few other sites, the video came out all choppy. maybe is was a bad timeing or the video was too long. I don’t know.

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