TechCrunch Steals from My Little Blog

Here at WillVideoforFood, there is nothing we love more than when one of our posts gets linked to and talked about. And like the majority of other blogs out there, we try to be good citizens by linking back to any source from which we excerpt. But there is a growing minority of spam blogs, or splogs, that indiscriminately take entire posts from other blogs and present them as their own.

For example, here is a screen shot from one random splog that just reposts WillVideoForFood’s entire feed with no links back to WillVideoforfood or even acknowledgement of the source.

techcrunch stole my baby

Just for the record, taking any blog’s entire feed and republishing it as your own content is not okay. Notice that the only difference between this splog (I think it’s called TechCrunch) and WillVideoForFood is all the Google ads splattered everywhere.

We are not alone in this. Any blog that produces fresh content on a daily basis is an easy target. Google makes it economical to create such splogs through AdSense and then rewards them with traffic through its search engine. Google (and the other search engines) need to stop rewarding such behavior. Oh, by the way.

I have to tell you this is a joke or else someone will take this seriously, right? I’ve just ripped all this copy from TechCrunch and pretended it was my own. Just lil’ old David blog tossing a few McNuggets at the Golliath blog. Maybe the folks at TC (think “The online Oprahs of technology”) will find me and write about my exclusive footage of the Google Dream Phone. I think it’s worthy of a TechCrunch post. Don’t you? Heck- they can even steal my post about it.

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  1. My nephew just asked me to smell his hand to see if it smells like poop. My nephew steals my potty humor!

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