First-Ever Instructional & Entertaining DVD Series on Viral Video: Charles Trippy’s Weapon To Win “The Next Internet Millionaire”

Yaro Starak of “Entrepreneur’s Journey” feels otherwise, but I’m betting on CharlesTrippy as the winner of the first-ever internet reality show, “The Next Internet Millionaire.”

joel comm internet next millionare trippyFor those who haven’t followed the show, we’ve seen 12 hopefuls eliminated “survivor” style over 12 web-only shows, and it’s down to two people. Charles Trippy, a college student and popular online video “weblebrity.” And Jaime Luchuck from Toronto who has a bio I’d summarize but I just fell asleep reading it. What time is it? What was I writing about?

The winner is the one that has the most success with their entrepreneurial ideas.

Now you could argue I’m biased here. I know Trippy. We’ve done collab videos. He’s been to my house. The little knucklehead mentioned my name on the last episode (episode 12) of “The Next Internet Millionaire” while pitching his concept.

But here’s why I believe Trippy’s product is going to far outsell Jaime’s book

  1. Books are so 2001. Who reads anymore? Eww.
  2. Trippy is packaging his education into a humorous series that gives you everything you need to know to be a popular viral-video entertainer, and make money in your hobby. He’s mixing education with entertainment, which is a perfect way to deliver learning to an ADHD generation of viral-video want-to-bes.
  3. His series has tips from a variety of online-video gurus. If your favorite YouTuber isn’t included, then it’s because they think they’re too good for Trippy, an emo loser.
  4. Trippy’s DVD series comes with a bunch of value-add extras, including free subscriptions to websites.
  5. Viral video is way more topical and niche topic. There are countless competitors in the “how to escape corporate drudgery,” while there exists no topical, entertaining and instructional material on the increasingly popular online video industry. Largely because I still haven’t published my ever-postponed “The Prophet of Online Video” (which, ironically, was going to be a boring book).

Charles Trippy To Win “The Next Internet Millionaire” With First-Ever DVD Instructional & Entertaining Series on Viral VideoI think I’m featured in Trippy’s DVD, although I can’t recall what wisdom I spewed. And I sent him the tape because I was too lazy to digitize it. So the only way for me to find out what I said was to buy the series. Not only am I not getting paid to endorse or promote his product, the little bitch made me pay full retail price for it. And I just bought all three DVDs.

Now here’s the sweetener, and Trippy doesn’t know I’m making this special “once in a lifetime” offer to WillVideoForFood readers and Nalts viewers to help him sell his DVDs. Anyone that purchases the series and sends Trippy the confirmation e-mail to him ( will get to appear in a Trippy video on his popular YouTube channel. All you have to do is send a photo attached to your confirmation with a jpeg of your photo and a mention of this offer. By virtue of this, he pretty much has no recourse but to honor it. Details soon in a video.

Here’s where you pick up Trippy’s DVD series, called “Viral Video Fever.” Get a copy before Nov. 14 to be eligible for an introductory discount and to be in his video. Or go buy the book. Whatever.

14 Replies to “First-Ever Instructional & Entertaining DVD Series on Viral Video: Charles Trippy’s Weapon To Win “The Next Internet Millionaire””

  1. Have you seen Jaime Luchuck’s site? It’s like a queue of nearly every boring internet marketers product being offered as an incentive. It’s like the mother of all sales landing pages… I tried to read it, I really did. I like Jamie but her page disappears all the way to the horizon and further.

    Did she not listen to Charles over and over through the series about Sales landing pages? Joel thinks he’s got his demographic of 30+ down but I’m in that demographic and I always skip his sales message and go straight for the price.

    Charles has far less free incentives but those he does have seem to really relate to his product. I haven’t quite made up my mind on buying his DVD but I’m seriously considering it. Unfortunately Jaime’s has already fallen off my radar.

  2. I watched and listened – Tried to weight the pluses and minuses on both sides.

    First, I thought Jamie had the hotness factor going for her, but upon closer inspection, she’s not really that hot, however, she is very well put together. She has the same marketing ideas as the guy running the show so that’s probably a plus for her; depending on Starak’s ego. She seems professional, but not approachable. Her web page looks like SPAM.

    Trippy is hot, but not well put together; he seems to be offering a more practical hands-on approach. He’s a bit scruffy, so his geekiness factor goes up a notch and yet, unlike a lot of geeks he seems approachable. He has charisma.

    Even with his youthful looks I get the feeling that he knows more from a laymen’s point of view and will cut through a lot of the boring red tape that often comes with educational books and instructional videos and something that is non-essential in viral video making and I think my grandma would like him.

    His web page reminds me of Girls Gone Wild, without the girls. Which I think will make men feel more comfortable. Let’s face it, the majority of people buying from either will be men, and I hate to say this ladies, but the net is still a man’s world, least from the business end of things.

    Not sure I go for Trippy’s gags, but he’s got a million viewers so I think he’ll grabs the younger market, and I mean kids in high school and college age with disposable parental cash. The book seminars and membership may attract an older more mature crowd, but the net is really geared towards a younger mob; least outside of on line shopping, ebay and porn.

    The book is old media, and the DVD is closer to new media, anyone really obsessed would probably buy, excuse me, Upload and Download both off a torrent site anyway. The reality is by the time the book and the video are out things will have changed, the net is that fast.

    So I guess my money is on Trippy, whether he wins or loses because if he allows consumers to update off his web site, answer e-mails, maybe start a vb forum with a few moderators that also allows users to help each other he can move with the net at a faster more immediate pace. With the proper PR and word of mouth, Trippy would put Jamie out of business in a matter of months.

    Jamie’s world has too much bureaucracy attached to it and she is going to need a lot of customer service. People cost money, and we are after all talking about making money on line – it should internet based.

    Anyone who is a super vv-geek already knows where to go and what to do. What they want is an overall approach and a few tips, along with flexing and showing off their know how mussels. So I just don’t see these seminars or books lasting very long or being profitable, not when it comes to making money online.

    People want it all yesterday.

    Anyone buying a book or going to seminar will probably argue with the speaker over things that were missed in the book along with complaints about the members board, the site, etc… – all bad PR.

    With the dvd you get what you get and response time can be immediate. Subscription based membership isn’t going to appeal to the younger market and the majority with money in the older market are still trying to figure out how to turn their computer on asking what’s this you tube and trying to pay for gas.

    So I agree with Kevin and not just kids, but even the adults who follow this stuff just don’t have the time or patience to deal with an instructional book. Does anyone really read the instruction? Show me.

    it’s late

  3. So have either of them actually made any money on the internet? Show me the money. I can’t see it. I can’t swing a dead cat online without some BS huckster trying to separate me from my grocery money with carnival-like promises of instant millions (of Adsense dollars or views). What makes these two any different?

    So Trippy has a million views. I ain’t pretty like him. He can’t teach me to be pretty, no matter how many DVDs he puts out. And has he ACTUALLY translated those views to anything real? Tell me. I’m ignorant.

    I’ve made 5 grand with my videos online. Have they done substantially better than that? If so, maybe I’ll buy if it doesn’t require sporting breasts or looking pretty. If not, get away from me, kid, ya bother me.

  4. Oh, and I’m not counting the $25 grand for winning this game show. I doubt if either of them could show me a scientific, reality-based way of winning on a game show.

    See ya in the funny pages, suckers!

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