Uploading Videos to Multiple Sites (TubeMogul)

Tubemogul video sites logosTubeMogul now facilitates simple uploading to multiple videos sites that include such recent additions as StupidVideo and Crackle. This image shows the collection of sites that now accept videos via TubeMogul.

There are other sites through which you can upload multiple videos, but TubeMogul saves your username and passwords, and tracks metrics. The site apparently is going to also track other performance metrics, which will allow creators to monitor performance and advertisers to provide simple reports for their clients.

I’m not getting kickbacks from TubeMogul to mention them, but I’ve covered the site several times because I can’t believe other creators aren’t using the free tool. It’s saved me time, and kept me uploading to sites that I otherwise might forget or skip because of the painful act of repetitive uploading. I wouldn’t be surprised if second-tier sites start paying TubeMogul just to gain access to its users video content. Certainly I’d prefer to see TubeMogul’s revenue come from the hosting sites instead of us video creators.

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  1. This is a great service – a lot of ours submitters use it – but if you upload to Metacafe and would like your video to be in the Producer Rewards program, you will need to log in to the site after you have uploaded the video and submit them to the program. We are working with Tube Mogul on a fix for this, but for now, you will have to log in separate for videos that you’d like to be in Producer Rewards.

  2. We utilize TubeMogul to super syndicate all our shows. They provide an invaluable resource for us and solve what used to be a very big pain point for us. They used to be our little secret, thanks Kevin for telling the whole world!!!

  3. Thanks Kevin! No kickbacks to this point, but I’d be happy to send you a TubeMogul T-shirt – shoot me an email if you want me to send one your way!

    Thanks for the support, Paul – I love what you told me at Digital Hollywood last week and will (shamelessly) relay it here. You said our tools save you 20 hours/week and allowed For Your Imagination to grow from 6 shows to 10 shows – that’s amazing even to me. Less time on admin means more time making great content. This is good for you, your viewers, and the video sites. Win!

    Talia – thanks for adding that point of clarification, as that’s a big component for many of our users!

  4. Amazing coincidence, I just blogged about this earlier today. I had been focused on YouTube, but by using TubeMogul I was putting my content on multiple sites with little extra effort. I was surprised when I checked my TubeMogul metrics and found that my most recent video did 10 times better last week on Yahoo (75k views) than on YouTube (7k views). So how can I get a high view count on the paying sites like Revver and Metacafe?

  5. Kevin, good comment about Tubemogul. A side effect of the tubemogul tool: Our English Website seems to be most popular on Metacafe. (As a religious site it is not megapopular, so I am speaking smaller numbers than you receive.) I have no idea why we can get 100-200 hits within 24 hours of a video being launched on Metacafe and only 35 hits after a month on youtube. But we won’t complain.

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