Best Prank Videos

nalts prank videosWell the title is a little misleading. This is a Revver collection of my top 20 prank videos.

Last week I was contacted by a casting agent for a new television show that features pranksters. She found me via “Farting in Public” (which is almost at 4 million views on YouTube), and asked me to send her a few pranks. She also asked if I would create a unique prank for my audition reel.

So I figured — why not prank her? In this video, “Pranking the Prank Show Lady,” I called her to pitch the most inappropriate, unethical and outrageous prank ideas I could imagine. She handled it well.

Note that I’m sometimes providing a “sneak preview” of my daily YouTube videos on alternative channels like Metacafe and Revver. I often post these sneak previews via Brightcove because it’s usually the first site to confirm a posting (of the suite of online-video sites to which I post and distribute via TubeMogul).

Before I forget, here’s last night’s Halloween prank titled “Parsnip Prank.” What happens when you replace candy with a bowl full of parsnips, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes?

9 Replies to “Best Prank Videos”

  1. She was so afraid to call you a dumbass! I would have. By that I mean, I would tell you there might liability issues with your ideas.

  2. nut cheese what are you a social worker? she’s an agent not a lawyer, it’s their job to get your press not keep you out of jail, jail is good press 😉

  3. Hey Kevin!
    Come to the Ron Paul Rally at the Valley Forge Convention Center (Philadelphia Room) on 11/10!

    Word on the street is that John Mayer will be there too. You can tell your wife that it’s been confirmed if it will convince her to come.

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