7 Replies to “Steve Carrell and I in a Video”

  1. Kevin, you guys do have a lot in common! You both look like you just sat through UDM’s 30min video! Go ahead, say it! You know you’re a level 9.999 fan when it comes to UDM!

    lol @ nutcheese!

  2. Better than nothing right? I’m still trying to get some of my friends to go with me to the convention. Even though Steve won’t be there I’ll be able to see Ed Helms. We have a lot in common…well the same first name at least.

    For some reason I don’t think I would have much fun going alone. That would seem a little stalker-ish to me.

  3. whos steve carrell? i thought i was the only steve on the planet? o well,i guess there might be one or 2 others? ROFDLMFAO@nutcheese!(the d is for drunk,you all probably know the rest)

  4. see if you can find a cardboard cut out of him at the convention. You can take it out to dinner and ask him/it for advice on editing your videos, play three way catch, you charlie and steve…

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