500 of the Best YouTube Videos (Creator’s Choice)

best-of-youtube.jpgThere are three ways a video can be labeled a “best.”

  1. First (and most common) is the rating system. This, of course, has its own biases. Popularity doesn’t always mean quality (even my lame videos tend to jump to the “highest rated daily video”).
  2. The second is the “editor’s choice.” This is good, but subject to selection bias by the editor.
  3. Here’s a third way, and one I advocate. Ask the creator. When we were picking clips for Flix55’s viral-video show, we asked creators to send us their 3 best clips. I found the creator knows their work best, and can usually identify the best work even if it wasn’t their most popular.

Two weeks ago, we fatigued trying to find good videos. So we made this video, inviting people to reply with their favorite video. Clearly I had a secondary motive: to see if I could get the video to surpass NAPPY on the coveted “most responded of all time” page (and it has almost worked- it’s currently the 18th most responded to video on YouTube). Hey, I’m a marketing guy, but at least I admit it.

The challenge yielded some nice clips. Check them out yourself when you’re bored. Here are the creator’s choice of best YouTube videos. They believe these are their best clips, but obviously there’s some garbage here, since not all “creators” were created equally. As an example, check out this animation video (a bit violent but clever) or this video called “Rascist” by Garrison628.

Hey, YouTube Editors. Check them out. What better way to quickly find new feature potentials!?

11 Replies to “500 of the Best YouTube Videos (Creator’s Choice)”

  1. Now I’m trying to remember which vid(s) I attached. The problem is, some of my better vids are actually responses to specific videos. YouTube should allow videos to be left as responses to more than one video. Maybe a limit of three. I dunno.

  2. Hey Gootube,Its been over 5 months since the youtube partners program was announced,enough “testing” already! As i’ve mentioned before,my videos which have music added from “audio swap”,are already monetized,so obviously most legal videos can be monetized.BTW im now on pace for 3 million+ views per year,i know a lot of other youtubers have far more views than myself,and are NOT partners either! sorry about that nalts,i know you understand 😉

  3. Next you should make a video for people to respond with their crappiest video. I bet the competition would be tough for that one.

  4. Louryder did a video asking people to send their worse stuff. It’s pretty funny. He shot it in a cemetery (green screen). The nerve!

  5. Pffft. Lots and lots of apparent and blatant copyright infringement in these examples. Turn off the stolen audio or video portions of these videos and see what you have left.

  6. I like the idea of crappiest videos, Nutcheese. Would there be any limit? Because I have several hundred stinkers I could submit. Hey! I should cut a DVD! “The Worst of Jarvis”

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