Funniest Videos of the Day

funny-top-rated.jpgWelcome to the first post I’ve placed on the new version of (which has recently moved from free wordpress to here). If you’re reading this, I figured out how to post. And you figured out the new spot.

For reasons I can’t explain, this collection of thumbnails of YouTube’s “highest rated comedy videos of the day” amused me. It’s such a weird contrast. Mark Day holding a brick fairy, boobs from the ever-popular animated gifs creator. And then two of my videos. I’m just glad Charlie’s Photo Session isn’t higher rated than Ban the Books, or Charlie would be dangerously close to the boobs, which look like two Mark Day heads.

4 Replies to “Funniest Videos of the Day”

  1. LOL, if Charlie was too close to the boobs…say it! You know you would have change the thumbnail to where Charlie is looking to the right! 🙂 j/k! Congrats on the high ratings!

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