“The Office” – An Obsessed Fan

I’m coming out of the closet as an 8.5 fan of NBC’s “The Office.” This new video (titled ‘The Office’ Obsessed Fan”) is directed toward the creators and actors of “The Office.” It’s rated 5th highest “video of the day” on YouTube and the second most discussed. So hopefully the staff finds it.

I have a parasocial relationship with you, and can’t wait to meet you at The Office Convention on October 27 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My wife (wifeofnalts) was born and raised near Scranton, and I plan on stalking the cast for a collaboration video. If you readers and viewers would like to join me, please do. But don’t stalk me, because I’ll be busy stalking the cast.

Some important links for other fans of “The Office”:

Just to document that my obsession with The Office is not new. Some previous WillVideoForFood blog posts:

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10 Replies to ““The Office” – An Obsessed Fan”

  1. nalts: you can delete this after you read it… but it’s Life in the Office (LITO), not Live in the Office 🙂
    great video today!

  2. “8.5 fan”
    Kevin can you make a list and/or a video of the top 10 with definitions?

    I’ll transcribe if it’s not done by the end of the day. If someone else does it or planes on doing it before hand please post, “I did it” here. Thanks

  3. I really hope something happens with you and The Office. That would be hilarious. I’m right up there with you, maybe even higher. I have every single link you posted already in my bookmarks and they are checked on a daily basis. Check out the myspace page of “Fleece It Out” on your top friends list. That’s just partly how bad my addiction is. I also ordered the “Support The Rabid” bracelet from the season premier. Only bad thing is they aren’t sending them out till the middle of the month.

    I can go on forever about how much I love the show and all the great things about it but I’m not sure everyone would want to read about that lol.

  4. I actually picked my classes for my last 2 years of college so that I would be home Thursday nights before 8pm. Had a 6 hour break between classes on Thursday’s for 2 years in which I sat around and did nothing. To be honest, it was totally worth it.

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