Interactive Agency “Eats Its Own Dogfood”

spunlogic viral video marketing naltsA lot of interactive agencies are now pitching clients on the value of online video to promote products and services. But how many of them are brave enough to throw themself in the mix?

At a recent “lunch and learn” for Atlanta-based “Spunlogic,” I spoke about online-video marketing to some major media and marketing companies. I’ve posted the presentation, titled “Online Video Marketing” publicly.

After the presentation, the Spunglogic founder helped me pull this prank video (Drunk Interviews) on some of the employees. Here are the outtakes.

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10 thoughts on “Interactive Agency “Eats Its Own Dogfood””

  1. First of all: First. (Unless someone gets in while I’m typing this)

    Secondly, I got a question — actually, several: Is this kind of viral marketing limited to large brands? The Mentos and the Heinz? Or can small, local businesses benefit from it as well?

    Also, as an offshoot of the above, is it possible to DELIBERATELY viralize a Brand, or does true viralization come from spontaneity, or under unintentional pretenses?

    You can get back to me privately if you don’t wanna give away your trade secrets… Later!

  2. Absolutely viral video isn’t just for big brands. It’s just easier to do for big CPG brands. I’m working with a small temp company now, and I think we’ll pull it off. If for NO other reason it’s good for small businesses because it will help them in search engines. And while the classic viral videos were spontantious I do believe that most viral stuff is by design. Note that viral marketing doesn’t yet rank among the top viral videos, but that’s no reason not to do it (anymore than the 30 second ad doesn’t have the ratings of the 24-minute TV show). My two cents. And there are no trade secrets. Give away the info and charge for the consulting. 🙂

  3. Too bad A&P didn’t take that approach, eh?

    I talked to a moderately popular guy on youtube a while back who did a little branding early on for a small local outfit and asked if it generated any business, he said some. Which was pretty good considering. It’s nice to know there’s a new market in the making for the little guy. The fact that uploading to online video is free and you can even make money doing is pretty amazing and an area that really should be tapped, if not soon to be required, part of the advertising package.

    Maybe it’s time to push forward and start a production company?
    Is there a lawyer in the house? 😉

  4. Really appreciate the slide information, very useful for a quick over view of the market and its potential. Have posted them in the forums of my network for creative people, trying to earn online (

    Interesting that you used scarydave as an example of a ‘not always positive’ response (though I’d say that was more about how he looks rather than the content of the video its self – which I know you liked).

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