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I’m working on a post that summarizes some of the recent statistics related to online video, and I’m hoping YouTube will share some recent stats. I’m also hoping I can post some of the data I source via Hitwise in my day job (with permission).

In the meantime, I found this Profy post titled “ComScore Releases Internet Video Report.” Here’s the full report, based on July stats, from ComScore. ComScore gets its stats from a panel of online consumers. Hitwise gets its data from ISPs, so the sample size is much larger.


  • 75% of online users are watching videos (frequency obviously varies dramatically). That’s up 4% from 4 months earlier.
  • YouTube claims 27% of the market by the end of July. That comes out to about 2.5 billion videos viewed.
  • Comscore’s research shows Yahoo! edging out Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Interactive Media, proprietor of MySpace and Photobucket by about 100 million in terms of videos viewed.

Some of this doesn’t make sense, but that could be a function of ComScore’s sample size or methodology.

If you have any other stats or site, please list them below. I know WordPress pushes hyperlinks into a moderated cue, so I’ll try to keep my eye on them!

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  1. I’d love to see a more in-depth look at the stats, as I think the methodology used to compile them is just as important as the general findings.

    Personally, being around YouTube for a little while now, i’m still not entirely convinced they have managed to accurately to track all of their stats. I’d give any info from YouTube a 2-7% margin of error, but that’s just my own personal thoughts.

  2. how many of those people clicking are return users playing the same video over and over, not to mention creator response, and the ever present flooders. Still, impressive numbers even if they were cut in half. What seems certain when counting hits are how many comments are left in a day from unique users. I think for internet stats to be accurate they have to determined if each click is an original and unique registered click. Nearly impossible to do.

    I think there must be ways to break this down.
    1. the steady flow – Nalts Renetto Happy slip etc.
    2. the one hit wonders – Chris Crocker Noah.
    3. steady all time popular – Evolution of dance and Guitar

    what am I missing?

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  6. Have you seen our subscriber stats on hundreds of top YouTubers? We have more stats than are available to the public. Contact me if you are interested in what we have.

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  10. The use of Flash as a video delivery mechanism (vs WMP or Real) is one issue; the fact that ‘videos’ fire on places like MySpace without an implicit click is another, a third is the use of video in online dating count (do not laugh this is a big deal), a 4th does porn count?

    No one has this right, we only know that its growing lots. Between the make up of the panels on these services and the tech issues that hampers this; numbers are really just directional.

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