Marketers, Meet Online Amateur Video Creators.

nalts-xlntads.jpgThe folks behind (the contest site that connects brands and video creators) were good enough to let me hijack their studio for my fake election videos (“Embarassing TV Appearance” and “Embarassing TV Appearance part 2“). Famed YouTuber, Renetto, makes a cameo in these.

So the least I could do was talk about Xlntads for a series being featured on Check it out.

You can also hear from the Acting CEO of Xlntads, Neil Perry, who talks about how marketers can get quality video content cost efficiently by leveraging amateurs. The former McDonald’s executive also plays my campaign manager in the above-mentioned videos.

Disclaimer: I’m leading the creator advisory board for Xlntads and I’ve entered a number of their contests. I’m a big believer on new models that connect creators with marketers, because I think it’s a great match. Unless you happen to be a creator working for The YouTube Underground. Then you’re likely to eat the marketer. And marketers don’t like to be eaten.

11 Replies to “Marketers, Meet Online Amateur Video Creators.”

  1. Youtube underground eating the marketer. . . I’m sure you didn’t mean that the way it sounds.

    I’m spending too much time in nutcheese’s stickam room.

  2. …which reminds me check out the new Bill Clinton Youtube non-“profit” collaboration. I have a link to the video and the site via click me or look for it on the youtube front page.

  3. Marketers have yet to understand the full potential that exists when they are ‘eaten’. Once the focus group is finished, i’m sure they’ll warm up to the idea.

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