“What Not to Wear” Host, Clinton Kelly, Insults Nalts’ Crocs

nalts-crocks.jpgWell I’ve been ridiculed about my Crocs before by such YouTube folks as Nutcheese (see this hysterical clip after the YouTuber caught a shot of my orange Crocs in a video).

But this takes the cake. Now Clinton Kelly, fashion guru and host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” is telling me they’ve got to go. Check out this footage on Metacafe from when he dissed me yesterday after one of his fashion appearances (see on YouTube). Don’t ask how I got into his limo, please. It’s such a long story.

So I’m eBaying these cute little Crocks that have been seen in countless online videos and traveled the country. Bid before October 5 at http://crocs.ofnalts.com/

14 Replies to ““What Not to Wear” Host, Clinton Kelly, Insults Nalts’ Crocs”

  1. I have so many questions… Why do you know Clinton Kelly? Another B-School acquaintance? I don’t remember meeting him at any of Phil’s Babson soirees…

    Why are you hocking used footwear? That runs borderline to wearing rented-then-stolen bowling shoes, doesn’t it?

    Don’t sell yet. They’re an investment whose value will increase over time. The Croc Bubble may be deflating, but the market WILL come back, and eventually you’ll be able to sell them for more than triple what you paid.

    How about a “Pimp My Crocs” or “Flip Those Crocs” video?

    Whoa. That’s an unbelievable idea. You should call the Crocs people, then give me a cut.

  2. I don’t pay attention to fashion rules like no this color after Labor Day etc. If the crocs are as comfortable as everyone says they are, keep wearing them. What Not To Wear is a dumb show :p

  3. LOL, you didn’t even put what size they are! I guess the lucky winner will hope they fit or they just want to sniff ’em! Ewwww! <—-(Like Charlie in the Nasty Sandwich video!)

    You never cease to amaze me Nalts!

  4. 2 Things:
    1. What size are they?
    2. I will never get rid of my crocs!!! They are the most comfortable shoe I own (of course, I do NOT wear them with black socks; or any color socks, for that matter!)

    Who cares what the fashionistas say? I’ll wear my crocs until they take them off my cold, dead, feet.

  5. How do you know Clinton kelley. I would hae never pictured you going to one of his “conventions” and is he gay?!?!?!

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