Angry German Kid vs. Chris Crocker

Just as sure as you can count on viral videos, you can count on viral-video mosh ups (well-stitched edits of famously viral clips).

If you’ve met the “Angry German Kid” and you’ve been exposed to your fair share of Chris Crocker (the YouTube self-proclaimed “queen of the ghetto”) then you’ll appreciate this vulgar clip…

…titled “Angry German Kid Kills Chris Crocker.” (profanity laden)

8 Replies to “Angry German Kid vs. Chris Crocker”

  1. LOL, damn…I thought I needed anger management classes! That boy has issues! Nalts, Chris wants you to lick his cornhole! Ewwww!

  2. roflmfao@marquis! yo,check out this video,i zoomed in on da moon with my new jvc camcorder,it has 34x optical hyper zoom! i think i’ll go spy on the neighbors now,lol

  3. LOL, I just thought it would be funny to make Leopold (the Angry German Kid) bash that queerish asshole to death. And you were waiting for something like this, didn’t you? And thanks for the publicity, Nalts!

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