The More Drunk, the More Press

drunk-thor.jpgHat’s off to Eddie, also known as TheMightyThor1212 and “Evil Willie Wonka.” When I arrived at this weekend’s DCTube Gathering (see my video about some of the freaks I met), I was cautioned by attendees that Eddie had his fair share of booze and had been asked to leave a Washington Post interview.

Event planners Jolene Sugarbaker and John Schnieder pulled the DCTube event together, and it was sponsored by Floyd’s Bar and Grill and “Shaping America’s Health.”

Still, it paid off for the aspiring video creator. He’s featured prominently in this piece by The Washington Post writer Catherine Rampell.

Still, I got the last word. That’s worth something, isn’t it?

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  1. Hmmmm, people dressing up in costumes and getting together with other people who all share a common fandom. Nope, not like trekkies at all. 🙂

  2. Whoops. Fixed SouthTube to DCTube. They’re blending together. You know, people do perceive these as odd as Star Trek gatherings. Maybe we need do pull off some really, really nerdy stunt in SouthTube. Ideas?

  3. LOL@ MATT! Hey nalts,i have a farting in public video for ya,its in slow motion and the fart is amplified for your listening pleasure! im about to upload the regular speed version,hey i gotta contribute something to society right? {:-O

  4. I am making a video of DCTube and 80% of it is Thor being drunk. My favorite thing of the entire night, is Thor/Eddie screaming at the cab driver to plow through a left turn, 3 seconds after it went red….and then thinking I was about to die when he did it.

  5. Hey marquisdejolie,R U out there in cyberspace somewhere? or maybe lost in space? 😉 Check out this clown video i just finished,its hilarious,and then watch my loud public fart video(extended version),man those farts are really hard to edit!

  6. P.S. those 2 videos are around 20 to 25 seconds,which is about 5 times longer than my average video,i get a much higher CTR on the 5 to 10 seconds videos!

  7. that was a pretty nice article. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the word youtube in the MSM this past month – All of the sudden it’s legit. I imagine the presidential candidates have helped somewhat. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked the past few weeks, “So how do I get to this you tube?”

  8. I am proud to say I am part of these bunch of misfits. This is a great group to be associated with.

  9. Marquis,A good intro to a marilyn manson song? thanks,i’ll take that as a compliment! I really liked your ghost video,that sent chills down my spine! Im actually a big alice cooper fan,my brother met him back in ’99 at the callaway golf center near san diego,and he got his autograph too.Now if we could just get you,alice and marilyn to star in & produce a video together! P.S . I left a link to my public farting video,hey im proud of it,that took a lot of editing!

  10. P.S.# 3,Ok the fart video didnt take an extreme amount of editing,i keep forgetting that ive uploaded/edited 219 videos to revver in just over 2 weeks,plus some to youtube and vume!

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