Internet People: The Best of Viral Videos

Dan Meth produced “Internet People,” an incredibly satisfying recap of some of the finest moments in online video. From Numa Numa to “Dick in a Box,” and all of the little moments in between. Misses a few highlights (like Pearl and Nalts) but it’s pretty comprehensive and entertaining.

If you’ve come late to the online-video revolution (or just want to be sure you didn’t miss anything critical) you can consider it your Cliff Notes to Viral Video from 2005-2007.

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16 thoughts on “Internet People: The Best of Viral Videos”

  1. Oh, I get it now. This blog blocks all comments linked to marquisdejolie dot com. Okay, I can deal with that. What I wrote was: The number one most viewed of all time comedy video on Youtube is by derrickcomedy about killing his parents for not buying him a bycycle. It depicts the murders. Patricide is funny. Matricide even funnier.

  2. Hiring your best friend to murder your parents in cold blood with a high-powered rifle is sick stuff. That the Youtube editors don’t know it is sick stuff is scary. At least this sick crap has sunk to the number two spot. Number two….that’s ironic, and a pun.

  3. best of viral videos? i must be in the right place then! check out my crazy clown video,its 430 am,ive been up all night uploading,its time for sleep,i mean time to make more videos,i mean, i dont know what the hell i mean! enjoy,or maybe not {:-O

  4. lol marquis,Once again i had to refer to wikipedia,geez what a vocabulary you have! Coulrophobia:
    From Wikipedia,
    “Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. It is not uncommon among children, but is also sometimes found in teenagers and adults as well. Sufferers sometimes acquire a fear of clowns after having a bad experience with one personally, or seeing a sinister portrayal of one in the media.”

    kevin is afraid of clowns? thats impossible,he is a clown! 😉 …….. i left a link to my dale earnhardt jr video,i was on the I-30 west service road a few months ago,and i was doing about 65,and this nascar truck just blew past me like i was having a picnic! so i got back on the highway to film it from a different angle,and the driver tried to run me off the road,apparently dale jr drives his own 18 wheeler huh?

  5. Nutcheese, I was wondering why you don’t link your funny videos to your screenname here like I do. A LOT of voyeurs peep this blog. Never comment, but they peep it. Increases your views.

  6. marquis,i just saw your clown video,OMG,thats creepy! love the insane laughter,good photoshop effects too!,i linked to my other clown video,its in regular speed,didnt want to frighten kevin!

  7. Cool. Talk about scary: Check out this video I linked to my name. It was sent to 9 video hosting sites simultaneously using TubeMogul. All the sites accepted this video except Metacafe. They rejected it. Apparently, some reviewer over at Met Duh Cafe is offended by poor dental hygiene! AAAAHHHHAAA HAAA HAAA!

  8. They did but I don’t believe what they said since the same video came out fine everywhere else. They stated:

    “Your submitted item Updated Nicotine Toothache Chacha- has been rejected due to the following reason:

    Item image or sound quality were found too low by members of the Metacafe community.”

    Don’t take the fun out of this, Mark. I’d much rather believe that those snifftittles at Metacafe are offended by poor dental hygiene than think that they just don’t like my crap.

    (Actually, I think that the Metacafe reviewer was too stupid to know that my video images had been intentionally blurred and rendered in a watercolor filter to illustrate the fuzziness of tooth pain…I hate it when Metacafe hires artistically illiterate reviewers)

    LOVE TubeMogul! Tout it every chance I get. Did you see my recent video about TubeMogul? I linked it here.

  9. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin for setting up this blog for my complaints, musings and self-promotions. Thank you, Kevin. Why don’t you create one for yourself? Hahaha!

  10. Not that it’s all that important, but Metacafe just sent me an email stating that they had changed their minds and were accepting my goofy little toothache video. The video quality of their transcoding is not as good as at Revver or Youtube, but I don’t ever get many Metacafe views anyway. Hey! Maybe their transcoding is the reason for that! Anyway, thanks to whichever one of you guys championed my right to have my crap seen at the M place.

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