Free Video “Clipping” Service Via YouTube

Most marketers and public relations agencies have “clipping services,” via which they receive copies of newspaper articles covering topics of interest. Say you’re marketing M&Ms. You probably want to know when the chocolate candy appears in the news.

It occured to me that YouTube’s functionality can provide this service to you for free. Google Alerts is something else I use, but I don’t know if it works with videos.

Here’s the process and it takes about 4 minutes max.

  1. First, register on YouTube here. You’ll need to then click on the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive almost immediately.
  2. Second, subscribe to Nalts by clicking this link. Hit confirm. That step is vital. 🙂
  3. Now go to your subscription center, and type your term in “subscribe to tags.”

There. Now you’ll get videos that tag their video with whatever words you selected. For instance, I subscribe to the tag “Nalts” so I can see if other people are mentioning me. Unfortunately, there are a number of people that tag their videos with Nalts under the naive belief that it will help their videos.

I turn off e-mail notifications because they bombard me. But you can receive an e-mail alert when there’s something new for you on YouTube.

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13 thoughts on “Free Video “Clipping” Service Via YouTube”

  1. I would subscribe to the words ” nalts sings marilyn mansion remix”. That would be cool. I met Marilyn Manson once in Hollywood at his gallery on Vine. I tried to talk to him, but his girlfriend’s magic breasts wouldn’t let me get in a word edgewise. You know, Youtubians say I’m boring because I don’t fart, belch, steal copyrighted music or wiggle my hienie. Perhaps I should do a video of my butt wiggling to the beat of Marilyn Manson’s “The Nobodies” (see link) while expelling gas from both ends with fire! Would you “alert” to that?

  2. Mark this day in your calendars people – ‘Nalts discovers you can subscribe to tags on Youtube’. Now if you’d been subscribed to my some what dead Youtube channel ‘ARTtubeNEWS’ you would’ve found that out around the start of the year.

    You forgot the step about subscribing to etourist2 and then encouraging your entire viewer base to subscribe too. I believe if you do that step it will filter out all those people that tag their videos with ‘nalts’ for no good reason. 😉

  3. I just had a dream about you, Kevin. You were giving an Amway-like meeting to videographers on a new technique you invented attaching words to our videos to make them easier to find by viewers when you had to be called out of the meeting because a car you had borrowed from your brother-in-law had sunk into pond sinkhole.

    Stay out of my subsconscious, Kevin. Just stay out. Hahaha!

  4. That’s a pretty cool feature! Thanks for letting us know!

    Love the process step #2! Vital indeed! =)

  5. It can work well, when people tag things like they should. But then, who would ever consider putting goofy things in the tags of a video.

  6. I dream about other youtubers all the time. i used to dream about nalts all the time. He would just show up in whatever dream I was having. it was irritating. now I’m dreaming about ohcurt and zipster. The other night I dreamed zipster was running down the street in a cheetah suit. Who will I dream about tonight? Makes going to bed scary.

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