Will WifeofNalts Let Me Go to Washington, D.C. “DCTube” Gathering?


Here’s Jolene Sugarbaker (the “original net celebrity”) pitching my wife on my attening the Washington, D.C. “DCTube” gathering that’s taking place September 8, 2007. For details of the event, visit the DCTube account on YouTube. Or check out this video by “The Trailer Park Queen,” where she talks about events taking place at Floyd’s Bar and Grill in Alexandria, Virginia.

There are some interesting things cooking up for this one. Since I’m attending the SouthTube event in Atlanta (Sept. 23-24) I’ve still got some convincing to do.

For other details about YouTube gatherings, see the website of Paul Houston (Podcasting101). YouTubeMeetup. It’s the ugliest website on the Internet.

8 Replies to “Will WifeofNalts Let Me Go to Washington, D.C. “DCTube” Gathering?”

  1. If you come I’ll come. Bring the kids and they can play with Hank.

    I really haven’t been following the DCTube stuff because i wasn’t going to go, but I did hear it was going to be held at Floyds. I don’t know enough about that place to know if it’s kid-friendly (since it’s a bar, I doubt it). I really can’t go if I don’t bring my kid since he is surgically attached to my hip. He had it done while i was in an ambien stupor. He’s such a prankster.

  2. Oh bring your kids. Jolene said it was kid friendly. I must have edited that part out.

    Oh- wife of nalts hasn’t seen the thumbnail. Should I change it? I’m going to.

  3. Why am I just now hearing about this?! I’d love to bring the Raskells…will there be ANY other kids coming?

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