You Only Came Here Because YouTube is Down (again)

You only came here because YouTube is down, again. Right?

Maybe they’re fixing the stupid comments functionality.

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  1. Well, it’s not down right now, but it’s just no fun waking up and seeing that nalts responded to one of your comments and then you just can’t find it anywhere!!! So I came to your blog for solace and all I found was this lame entry.

    I’m kidding. You know I kid.

    It’s a good thing that there’s no thumbs up/thumbs down on this thing because I’d probably get rated out of existence for this comment. Can you tell I’m bitter about the new comment system? Damn. I should learn to hide my emotions better.

  2. It would appear that all they’ve done, besides generate a lot of internal server errors, is manage to break the comments section even more. Right now it seems to be hit or miss whether the comment servlet will show anything or not.

  3. It’s up. It’s down. Oh the humanity, ladies and gentlemen. The humanity. Will the meglomonolithic corporation survive its own ego? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “As The TubeSpace Turns.”

  4. I only came here to find out why YouTube was down. Haven’t actually tried the YouTube site its self yet, I just saw your post in my RSS feed and came straight here.

    Everyone knows that there is no point in trying to contact YouTube about anything to do with their site. Nalts probably broke it anyway by over doing the community interaction thing. Maybe their Nalts levels were down and they’ve gone into withdrawal? 😉

  5. I dont worry about comments, i have them all turned off, I dont even allow subscribers,didnt get any more views anyway,and still on pace for 1.3 million+. BTW,im just here for the spam,my spam that is,check out my UFO video! LOL@ marquis as usual!

  6. I know i’m a little late with this comment, but to reply to TET, i have found, that there is a knack to speaking to YT. On a few occasions I have contacted them regarding this and that, and 90% of the time they respond personally, and not just with the automated response.
    It’s called the ‘Kiss Kick Kiss’ system.
    Start the emal with a positive comment, friendly and to gain a bit of rapport like ‘I know you get people moaning at you all day, it must be hell…..I’ll try my HARDEST not to whinge’
    Then insert complaint, but in a constructive manner.
    Then I finish off saying that I hope they have a lovely day, and don’t take the haters to heart, or something like that.
    Manners cost not one single penny, BUT they can do absolute wonders.
    To be honest, this works with absolutely anyone, and also a good management technique when dealing with problems with workers you have to discipline.
    Christ Gregor, SHUT UP!

  7. I’d rather whinge at them. I come from a long line of whingers and we have perfected the technique. 7 out of 10 hopelessly powerless bureaucrats (sic) quit their jobs and move to Vancouver after one of our clan has whinged.

  8. MATT: Nice start! I like the soothing colors. But my blog has cooler and more robust Revver widgets on it. Six or seven of them. Bragetty brag brag. No, no, no, not my ugly joke website that this comment is linked to….my blog.

  9. Sukatra, I just go through the sites help center at bottom of the page and just select any of the links in blue, then keep selecting until it says at the bottom CONTACT US in blue, then there are 3 choices, report an account issue, report a general problem or I want to suggest a feature. chose the relevant one, then i’ll select what ever it is that is closest to the problem, but then detail it in the message space, never emailed editor@youtube directly.

  10. i cant get my favorite song if by timi yuro because they sat i violated terms of service please reinstall my song for i did nothing wrong

  11. i cant if by timi yuro on my site because they say terms of service violated please i want my song back

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