The Female “Barats & Bereta”

desireee-and-justine.jpgI’ve just absorbed the better part of my morning watching Justine and Desiree, a duo that may be the female version of Barats & Bereta. The Pittsburgh comediennes can be seen at, where they’ve posted 69 videos. My favorite so far is Parkour.

Gals- when you’re near Philadelphia, I really need to get you together with Spencer. His most recent video (click here) has him dressed as an 85-year-old man in roller blades.

Author: Nalts

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2 thoughts on “The Female “Barats & Bereta””

  1. Awesome find Nalts! These two ladies are a gem of a find.. hilarious. Its actually rare to see women online that are so fun to watch, I am glad you pointed them out, needs to be more. Personally I think comparing then to Barats & Bereta to be a disservice, but I myself do not much enjoy Barats & Bereta. Your right, the Parkour video is a hellava video

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