“Farting in Public” Kid Has Playlist: “Best of Spencer”

You know him as the kid from “Farting in Public.” And many confuse him with the boy from “The Man Show.”

I’ve put together the “Best of Spencer” playlist since many of my viewers are more interested in this 14-year-old than any of my own videos. Be sure to see the latest — Old Man on Rollerblades.

I still get many, many questions about my relationship with Spencer. My nephew, Matty (who appears as the second “old man” in the roller blade video) is friends with Spencer.

4 Replies to ““Farting in Public” Kid Has Playlist: “Best of Spencer””

  1. OH come on now Nalts, we all know that half of the kids on YouTube are yours – Spencer, Dylan, the list goes on and on… 🙂

  2. spencer is hilarious, but you gotta mic him better because I usually can’t hear him. Of course that may have something to do with listening to too much led zeppelin through my headphones 20 years ago.

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