An IMDB for User-Generated Content

I received this note this morning. Thought it was interesting…

Hi Kevin. I wanted to introduce you to and let you know we have a profile for you on the site. is building the “who’s who of user-generated content” – similar to an, but for Internet videos and other content. The site helps publicize the people creating online content and helps users learn more about the people creating the content.

We added a bio for you here:


If you would like to make any updates to your profile you can sign-up on the site and submit edits. Feel free to email the changes to me as well.

17 Replies to “An IMDB for User-Generated Content”

  1. Please write a blog about the new comment system at youtube. It sucks big, fat, hairy, smelly ass.

  2. I agree with trippleDNA except for the “keep the digg style comment ratings” part. He will always get good ratings because he is beloved on youtube. Me, not so much. I mean, how am I going to make fun of you in your comments when people don’t understand the joke and give me a thumbs down?? I swear I already made fun of MYSELF in my OWN reply to one of my OWN comments, and I got a thumbs down on it!!! WTF????!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not weird that I reply to my own comments, is it? Somebody’s got to do it. I’m lonely.

  3. the you tube comments, well you know… they also send a confusing message because they have the word SPAM under Thumbs Up and Reply under Thumbs Down and speaking of ze frank, he had that + and – system on his vlog for comments too, I never understood the purpose other than to add stress and quit picking on him! he’s still around. So what’s the point of the thumbs up and down on youtube this supposed to be some kind a reward system? Do they think we are mice in a maze waiting for a few crumbs of cheese? I’m offended!
    Sorry Kev, I know you love youtube, but sometimes they treat everyone like they are pimply faced teenage morons with no brains with little respect. I just want them to put their money and efforts to fix the problems and hire some decent customer service. OK maybe I’m shopping in the wrong place, but I can dream can’t I?

  4. OK, on initial glance I was going to say hey great for them for working out comment ratings, but they really have FUBAR’d the comments section. WOW

  5. (pronounced “View Me”) is now a one-stop media posting site for various forms of original media – video, images, audio and blogs. The company continues to offer a distinctive revenue-sharing model for its content contributors. Those who post their original content are compensated with a share of the advertising revenue the company receives based on the number of hits their content generates. No other site shares its advertising profits for all forms of media posting. *Last month’s top contributor made over $1,000 USD primarily by posting pictures!

  6. How nice of VUME to stop by and spam. Is vume a bot?
    I am wondering about those pictures though, would I see ones just like them on youtubes front page?

    sorry, can’t seem to get my eggs sunny side up these days

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