7 Replies to “Magnify.net Betas Ad Share Platform”

  1. wow – there’s lots to comment on in just three posts!

    First, no size limitations… 50MG is what we post, but we haven’t had to put the breaks on.

    Second. Ouch – old crappy site. Well we don’t want that. We’ve got a whole family of Nalts fans here. Hey Nalts, do you want our team of crack site builders to update your site with the new spiffy designs. Now that we’ve got a search tool that automatically searches both Revver and YouTube for your user accounts, your magnify.net channel is always fresh and tasty.

    Oh, and no more limits on Java script or any other ad choices, so you can go nuts and put up any widgest, links, or ads you want.

    All good feedback from Channel Builders, who want to be able to control their look at feel of their videos and their pages.

    video – onward!

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