Connecting Creators and Advertisers: Black Turtle Media

Black Turtle Media is creating community of passionate, imaginative artists that have the creative skills to develop and produce commercial-grade advertising for major brand sponsors. Aspiring creative producers will be able to create and post their videos, generate buzz around their work, and get the chance to win money. They are looking for amateurs and professionals who are interested in getting their work noticed.

5 Replies to “Connecting Creators and Advertisers: Black Turtle Media”

  1. This is great! Stupendous! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can never get enough of watching commercials selling products! Now I can see amateur commercials! Brilliant! Genuis! Who’d a thunk it!?

  2. Hey wait! I just got a brainstorm! How about we have amateur video commercials about commercials with commercials embedded in them!!? Brilliant! I’m going to contact some venture capitalists now. Wait! I just got another flash! How about we have a site for commercials with amateur video embedded IN THE COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!???

  3. mdj – you are on a ROLL, baby!!

    If I put in a 🙂 in this post are you going to make fun of me? Somehow I doubt you’re the kind of guy who ever uses those. I always swore I wouldn’t but now I’m a 🙂 whore. lol.


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