Taxi Cab Panic Attack

taxi panic attackSocial experiment #28238. What happens when you get into a NYC taxi (like I did yesterday morning) and have a panic attack? The taxi driver was surprisingly receptive to me placing the camera on his dashboard and then screaming and whining as he took us to market research.

I asked his permission, but didn’t tell him what I was going to do. And he managed to play the “straight,” even though he didn’t know where I was headed with the video. Naturally I gave him a handsome tip for his cooperation.

Taxi Panic Attack 

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  1. Once when I was in a cab in NY my boss told me a story about a guy he knew who had been in an accident in a cab. His face smashed into the divider between the front and back seat and he had to have all this reconstructive surgery.

    My boss was a jerk.

  2. P.S. remember when i was complaining about the heat and droughts,etc,here in texas? no worries,a tropical storm is about to hit us and cool things down,probably down to like 85 f with 90% humidity,lucky me 🙁

  3. dumb. what is the point? Oh yea, UGC…ok so you proved that we can use our cameras anywhere. Whoopie doo da. BTW — do you even really work?

  4. nalts – your behavior reminds me of the two years i spent working with you… except you seem to have the whole soiling yourself thing under control, well done.

  5. Not my favorite of the nalts videos… nice, but…
    JUST IN CASE IT GOES “BIG,” however, I have secured the YouTube identities “cabofnalts” and “taxiofnalts”


  6. Oh my GOD – how can you people say this video isn’t good?? He’s screaming like a little girly-man!!! It’s f-ing hilarious!!!!

  7. Sorry sukatra…it’s not that I think it’s a bad video..I just didn’t think it was that funny. Maybe it’s the believability…I don’t know.

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