Contests That Require Registration to Vote

Ahhh the video contest. Is it a way to engage creators, or for marketers to do “lead gen” (snatch the e-mail address of creators’ friends)? I understand why contests require registration for rating — we wouldn’t want a “Chicago” style election.

At the same time, these “one-off” contest websites are maddening. For example, here’s a Pepsi contest in UK. And here’s Davideo’s most excellent entry… “Nana’s Ultimate Burp of Doomer.”  Your vote for his flick can bring him a bunch of lira or pounds or something.

Registration is quick and painless, and I’m such a fan of Davideo I’d have given my credit card to a Nigerian stranger to vote for his video.

Davideo said he would have entered “Pepsi Girl,” but no previously-created videos were eligible for the contest.

But unless Pepsi is looking to build a database, I wonder if there’s a way to reduce this “register to vote” requirement. Or develop the transportable registration ID that we were supposed to have for all sites back in 2002.

8 Replies to “Contests That Require Registration to Vote”

  1. Universal log-in would be amazing. Right now I have a number of email addresses, one for work, one for friends and YouTube and other serious business, and then one that I use to register for stupid contest sites that sxephil begs me to go vote for his videos on…

  2. i couldn’t get the stupid site to work after I registered. three times I was told that my login failed for some nonsensical reason. . . I’m out, no matter how good davideo’s video is (and it was really good). Sorry dude!

  3. Haha, I love Davideo’s stuff. I rated his to the MAX (that’s what their rating system calls it :p )

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