Audition to Host a Daily Online Video on 2-Month Tour

The Smart Show is a new pilot that will feature a 2-month road trip by Henry Dittman plus an amateur host that will be selected via online-video entries. The duo will tour America at the hospitality of sponsor Holiday Inn Express, and explore odd and interesting things in various cities. I’ve been debating my wife on pursuing this, and I think if I do audition she’ll sabotage it.

Here are the details. Thanks to “Viral” on Veoh for the heads up.

6 Replies to “Audition to Host a Daily Online Video on 2-Month Tour”

  1. You would be perfect for this, but I tend to agree with wifeofnalts. Any man who left me at home for two months by myself with four kids? I’d kill him. Very, very slowly.

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