11 Replies to “Announcing “Subscriber Appreciation Week” on YouTube”

  1. yw Nalts, you should change your name to Mr N or a symbol or something,like prince did! 😉

  2. Is this nalts’ video & wine review blog? 😉 sorry about my previous drunken rants! i loved your your “subscriber appreciation” video! its my favorite nalts video…..um i mean its my favorite youtube video. I left a link to a video i just filmed of an 18 wheeler blocking a state highway,here in texas. I missed the idiot who rear ended me at a stop sign,during a thunderstorm,while he was on the cell phone! i need one of those police dash cams(front and rear),and a camera mounted on my forehead,so i dont miss any of the idiots in action! Nalts,at least youre just acting like an idiot in your videos….. you are acting right?

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