XLNTads Nearing Launch

xlntads.jpgIf you want a “sneak peak” at a rapidly evolving website that’s connecting marketers with online-video creators, check out Xlntads.com.

Note- I’m on the company’s “creator adviser board,” so don’t expect complete objectivity in this post. But I love that they found me, and that I’ve been able to help shape this company. I only wish I had gotten to them before they chose their name. 🙂
Here’s the idea. We video creators are looking for exposure, revenue, and prizes. Yet the ad-sharing model (Revver, Metacafe and now YouTube) is still in its infancy. So in the meantime, video creators can enter contests or do custom ads for marketers.

As a creator I know that doing custom videos is a lot of work. And as a marketer I know the hassle of running a program or a contest. So I like the idea of a vendor devoted to being a valued intermediary. Agencies aren’t consistently good at this, and many online-video sites have lost money on custom contests. They’re a distraction to the core business, and not profitable unless you make it your core competency.

Most importantly, marketers are happy to pay significant dollars for good video content (especially if the creator has an established channel with predictable views). And since most creators have day jobs, the cash or prizes go a long way.

jo-babyfood.jpgCheck out the Xlntads site and the surprisingly populated blog for a company that’s just beginning.

Note- I’ve sent some of you to this site via my early video (Baby Food). A new upgrade just launched that has a slick upload process that’s fast and allows you to customize your thumbnail.

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  1. Mmmmm Xlntads.com is really only useful for professionals. I prefer zooppa.com which really involves the custumer in the process of ad-making

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