Emerging Community for Serious Video Creators

kevin nalts daily reelThe Daily Reel‘s “REELED IN” seems to be growing as serious video creators post their online videos to gain visibility from the site and its every-so-networked partners. I’m also finding it’s a nice way to connect with other creators, and a few WVFF readers and YouTube buds have jumped in.

We’ve all been burned populating profiles to which we never return (like my silly MySpace account). But I’m hoping this was worth the 20 minutes. If no other reason I’m hoping to win points with the every-so-cool TDR team.

Don’t wait for a personal invite from ’em. Jump on in.

Oh- I’ve set up a “crew” for any other viral-video “sellouts” that actually hope to make money in this space. BTW I’ve been taking some criticism over this ambition and finally had to vlog about it today. Everyone has their own goal for participating in the online video community. Mine happens to be to cover my insanely high cost of living. Stone me, Ian.

nalts viral video sellout crew daily reel

23 Replies to “Emerging Community for Serious Video Creators”

  1. hey butthead ,they said poop! yea yea and farts,ha ha ha,ha ha ha,ha ha ha,yea yea,this site rules,yea yea,fire fire fire!!!

  2. ummmmm….hey butthead! whats merit? …… i dunno beavis,i think its some kinda mexican weed….yea yea..thats it…cool cool! shutup beavis or nalts is gonna turn off comments….yea yea,cool…..i mean that sucks! yea yea

  3. Great. my cable’s out and they can’t come to my house til tomorrow afternoon. Nalts, you better put up a shitload of videos between today and tomorrow. You owe it to me for my brand loyalty.

  4. “Emerging Community for Serious Video Creators”………………..judging by the comments,nalts posted this on the wrong website! 😉 BTW check out my site,i just added photos of a convertible RX8,i think thats what it is,sounds good anyway!

  5. sukatra,screw cable,get DSL,or BPL(broadband over powerline)…….unless youre getting free cable,then its worth the trouble {:-O

  6. Nutcheese has pooped out, Nalts is leaning towards The Dark Side flying around naked in virtual space, Simpsonizeme Dot Com doesn’t work and Tubemogul now features multiple site uploading. Serious inquiries only.

  7. *ignore comment 11,sukatra obviously already has dsl or wouldnt have been able to post comment 9 (with the cable out)…….sometimes i wonder how i find my way home!

  8. Do these serious video creators have room
    for a guy kinda sorta messed up on shroom?
    He came home from a war with some poddy in his head
    but he’s a good old boy born and bred.

  9. Steve – I meant cable for that thing I used to stare at all the time before I discovered youtube. what’s it called? oh yeah. tv.

  10. lmao@marquis&sukatra! marquisdejolie,thank you for your service to our great country! we wouldnt even be speaking english if it werent for yourself and other courageous veterans! sukatra,i agree,youtube is so addictive,it has mostly funny,entertaining,positive videos,unlike tv/cable.Take care guys,steve…….p.s.,wanna try a good wine? “Ste genevieve pinot grigio” made in fort stockton texas,is good stuff!,steve….P.S.#2 thanks to NALTS for the great video tips!

  11. Thanks for the tip Nalts! I jumped in, posted a few vids, even got a mention in someone’s post today:) Nice community of video makers. Alas, no cats-being-vaccuumed videos… I’ll have to tune in to YouTube for those I guess.

  12. Thanks to those of you who jumped on tdr and created a profile. So fun to see you guys there. Hopefully we can get something out of it!

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