The Profile of a Second Life User

second-life-naked.jpgI tried Second Life last weekend, and was so perplexed I decided to spoof it in this video called “Drunk Naked Flying in Second Life.” The video viralinated (became a top video in the “Gadget and Games” section), and I started receiving dozens of friend invites from people (I’m named “Nalts Writer” on Second Life but don’t plan to check it often). Two of the progressive marketers I know (who lead interactive at big consumer brands) are experimenting with Second Life and sharing learnings.

Here’s an interesting perspective from Besty in “Notes from the Digital Frontier.” She reminds us that Second Life users are creators — whether they’re bored with their first life or looking to try new technology to connect with a community.

This has important implications in how you market to them. Many YouTube users are also creators, and we don’t like to be marketed “at.” We trust other creators. Which means if you’re a brand looking to plunge into online community, you’d better behave like a creator or affiliate yourselves with them.

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  1. Here is a link to pass to your friends who sponsor second life stuff

    Someday people will look at blog craze like this and realize that yes hundreds of blogs springing up every hour BUT ALSO hundreds of blogs are abandoned forever every hour. Our friends who only look at the surface of online see and count both blogs in their numbers they share with magazines

    Kudos to the fine folks at Wired who took the time (eventually) to expose Second Life for what it is (a really nice niche place that in its current form is a big waste of marketing dollars by big companies).

    Its also where Nalts fly’s around naked.

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