Is Online-Video Advertising, PR or Marketing?

I’ve been using the term advertising when speaking about online-videos that promote a product. But is it that, or is it public relations (PR)? Is it marketing or something else?

This MediaPost article by Alan Schulman of IMC2 (an interactive agency) reminded me that it’s about marketing not advertising. Says the creative director:

Advertising will remain a critical component of the marketing continuum, but here in the digital world, it’s really not the core of the business anymore.

When I was at Johnson & Johnson I worked in the new media group that happened to live in the public relations department. There was a similar group in the J&J advertising group. The way we thought and behaved about the online media was often quite different. If you’re in PR you’re looking at the blogosphere and transparancy. If you’re in advertising you’re generally looking at paid media and how to construct campaigns that break throught he clutter.

I’ll always content that the online expertise in any company should live in one place. The marketing group. The closer it is to “inline” marketing the better it will be.

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  1. time to coin a new word or term.

    public relations advertising department

    public relations advertising and marketing

    say these a few times at work and see what kind of response you get. be indignant.

    Kevin: So team I think we really need to send these sheets over to the PRADs for further development.

    Coworker: Kevin, what is the PRADs?

    Kevin: [wry look] (signs) the public relations advertising department, geeze, get with it, will you? sheesh!

  2. “Is Online-Video Advertising, PR or Marketing?”……. i thought it was entertainment? after entertainment id say its a little of all 3

  3. They all work hand in hand, don’t they? Marketing is the core of business no doubt.

    “Advertising will remain a critical component of the marketing continuum, but here in the digital world, it’s really not the core of the business anymore.”

    Advertising is a means to an end.

    Nalts, your a lucky guy.

  4. Part of the problem with calling an online video ‘Advertising’ is the stigma associated with online advertising. There are a lot of people that will go out of their way to use software that helps them avoid online ads.

  5. I’ll say it again, when Nalts did the cereal video, no pay, I went out and bought the stuff, because he convinced it was pretty good and it was pretty good.

    Old AD media is missing a great opportunity to go back to basics, word of mouth. If your neighbor or co-worker said, “I tried this soap last night and it was great!” The next time you shop you’re more likely to pick it up.

    Really, do the numbers, if 1000 trusting Nalts subs, buy the product and like it they are going to tell their friends and as the old shampoo commercial says, “and so on and so on and so on…”

    Is it selling out or promoting a valued product?
    Depends. That’s another topic.

  6. Gee, we need more erectile dysfunction videos. Why aren’t there more erectile dysfunction videos? That’s hilarious! Old codgers walking around with a limp biscuit. Now THAT’S entertainment! And how about that new pill the pharmacuetical companies just came out with? You know, the one that cures female frigidity. Saw it on TV 12 times today. Heeeeeeey! Put those two maladies together and you’ve got a featured video….I guarantee!

  7. Hey, marquis — send me the name of that female pill thing. It’s for a friend of mine. Not me.

  8. I don’t know if your ‘friend’ really wants to take the risks, sukatra. Side effects include acne, hypertension, increased gambling urges, thoughts of fratricide, homophobia, flat feet, tax evasion, bloating, acid reflux, hair loss, STDs, tooth decay, foot fungus, blurred vision, headaches, explosive bowel, spinal fluid deterioration, birth defects, generalized anxiety, liver damage, sinus perferation, GERD, night blindness and compulsive nail biting.

  9. Online = all of the above when done correctly…just like the newspaper which has articles influenced by PR (sponsored blogs and articles), full page display advertisements created by ad agencies (banner ads), they rent your postal address if you have a subscription so you get direct mail (email), they insert content in the form of flyers (sponsored content), and they take classified ads from small and big businesses alike (paid search ads).

    Different is the newer stuff (dare I say Web 2.0 ) like ads in games; the right way to use YouTube for marketing, social networking sites, and occasionally the solid Google map mashup.

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