My Dad Found Me on Wikipedia

wikipedia.jpgMy dad just sent me this… a Wikipedia entry for me. Let’s be clear. I didn’t pull an Adam Curry and create that listing for myself (or I would have used Nalts or Viral Video Genius of course). But thanks whoever put this up.

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  1. I recall seeing a message from someone about having created this entry, maybe on this blog. This person also created the username wikipageofnalts at the same time (I’ve been listing new ofnalts usernames on my “147 usernames of nalts” video whenever I see them).

    I also recall this person asking for others to make entries on the page so it would not be taken down. I think he posted this message here but I’m not sure.

    How is it that I know this stuff and you don’t? Because I have WAAAYYYYY too much time on my hands. I would go back and search through all your prior postings to check but that would make me look pathetic, right? Pathetic-er. More pathetic. Whatever.

    I have to go get a life now.

  2. I actually created this article, I’m CoolKid93. And no, I did not ask anyone to contribute to the article to keep it from getting deleted and no I did not create the username wikipageofnalts, in fact, there is no such account that was ever created.

  3. P.S. in the description section of his youtube video on this subject, wikipageofnalts gives you a cite for a wikipedia entry on YouTube where your name is mentioned. If you look at that link, you’ll have to scroll down to the section titled “sharing revenue with popular users” and then click on the kevin nalty link. That takes you to a wikipage about nalts which I believe is the one found by your dad.

    There’s also some back and forth between nalts and wikipediaofnalts in the comment section of the video.

  4. Incredible things are happening for you now, Kev. It’s fun for me to just sit back and watch the ride.

    blowing you a kiss from Wisconsin …

  5. Oh I just read the wiki page. You SO should have a mention on the Cult of Nalts! Too bad I’m too tired to write it. (4th successive night of insomnia.)

  6. You bastard!

    I had one for about a week, but for lack of anything atributable, it got deleted.

    And no, I didn’t post it in the first place neither.

  7. Same thing happened to me, Mark. Maybe someone should start up a Yesterday’s News Pedia for all of us also-rans. Or a What Have You Done For Me Lately Pedia (and by ‘lately’, I mean in the last 6 minutes).

  8. I went to the link and I was on your page. I don’t have my own because unlike Christopher Mast I didn’t make my own.

    I saw that you have a MySpace page… I hate myspace but I had to add you as a friend so that you wouldn’t cry.

  9. I found a page on wiki a long time ago under the name “Nalts”. Apparently that is down now in favor of this page.

    “FanClubofNalts” should be on that page too. We have at least 15 members; I’m trying to get more, Kevin, but I don’t have time to post a lot of videos begging for members. Wish I could have gone to NYC on 777 to meet you, Nalts. Maybe someday.

  10. Nutcheese: I used to have a MySpace page, too, but they terminated my account for sneaking Revver videos into my MySpace blog via Blip. MySpace appears to be run by pornographic fascists.

  11. Hi, I’m the one who created the user name wikipageofnalts. I posted a response to the “NAPPY Update” video, saying I created a page called “of nalts,” but it was speedily deleted. Then the next thing you know there is an article, with CoolKid1993 and ischormosquito working behind the scenes on it. It’s been up for a while now, so it can’t be deleted anymore, at least not speedily!

  12. clicked ‘say it’ too soon… wikipageofnalts is a YouTube account.

    Also, on the Wikipedia article for YouTube, in the sharing revenue section, I added nalts’ name three times. Someone deleted it the first two times, but it is still there now!

  13. Hmmm…. there’s a lock on the wiki page with the alt text of “This page has been temporarily semi-protected from editing due to vandalism.”

    What the flock is semi-protected?!?

  14. I think I misunderstood, did Kevin say he was going into the dark or coming out of the closet?

    Did I read that on the wiki page or the ED page?

    I can’t keep up.

  15. Thanks so much for putting this up and keeping it. I’m really grateful!

    Now here’s hoping this outranks the encyclopedia dramatica page on Google searches, since it has some photos I’m hoping my kids don’t see!

  16. I cleaned the entry up a bit. I think the world should know that you’ve come out of the closet and the reason you’re not on YouTube at the moment is because you’re having the operation.
    You’re welcome. That’ll be a hundred bucks thanks. Or you could just leave a comment on “Cutting Up Paris in HDV” that was featured under “Categories – Entertainment” today – you know the one about the project you thought was a great idea and then just disappeared on me.

  17. The dramatica site is much more disturbing than it is funny, even though I think they were going for funny. They failed, imho. Just did a google search on “Nalty” and the wikipedia article came up first! woot!

    Kevin Nalty – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. I doubt that my contributions will never get any credibility, since no one wants to even help me look around to try to made my contributions credible to be on Kevin’s page.

    I mean, Kevin has a link to my blog and everything, but critics like Gage and some others think I am just being a nuisance on my contributions to the page, which always get speedily deleted.

    For Christ’s sake, someone just please help me get my stinkin’ info credible so it can stay on his blog……it is really getting me mad that no one will help……

  19. Very cool! To pass the notoriety test for a sustained listing in Wikipedia is a big deal. It also means that the Dark test came too late. You are lost forever, Nalts.

    Hoya Saxa,

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