WSJ Online Covers YouTube Gathering

HappySlip’s blog today has a nice roundup of the YouTube gathering in NYC, and includes a video from the WSJ Online. I’ve got the poor man’s version of WordPress so I can’t embed it, and there’s no direct URL link.

The story’s angle is accurate: The event was like a surreal reunion. Strange but familiar.

Ironically my “old media” sister is working on a story on YouTube and visited their offices near LA today. Despite my requests she did not get me any hidden camera footage.

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  1. I’m just cruising through all the happyslip hyperlinks on her blog and I found this guy who posted a series of videos on 777. He also has a heinz ketchup entry that you should see if you haven’t already looked at it – here’s the link:

    His name is Omar.

  2. You have a sister? Why isn’t there a SisterofNalts account on YouTube?

    Hey I kinda like reading your blog from work. It doesn’t have the YouTube logo all over it so co-workers have a harder time accusing me of anything untoward.

  3. I ran across a site that assists in “stealthtubing” while at work, Dahlik. It replaces the visual portion of the video with an excel spreadsheet and allows the viewers to listen to the YT video in the background. It’s like listening to talk radio. Sure, it’s a tradeoff, but what price security? We don’t need the visual portion of most YT videos anyway, do we? Try it out. Play a few videos with your eyes closed. It enhances the experience. If you like it, go to

  4. Someone is making money off of Youtube making money, but it’s no one I know or have ever heard of or can find after an exhaustive internet search. Not one. No one person admits to making as much as ten cents off of Youtube. Straaaaaange.

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