NYC YouTube Meetup

asdsdsd.jpgHere are some video highlights of the YouTube gathering in New York City on July 7, 2007. It’s the #2 highest rated comedy of the day on YouTube, which is surprising. I thought it would only appeal to the folks obsessed with YouTube’s community.

I decided to go in costume for the beginning. SouthernTuber punked HappySlip in this clip.


Author: Nalts

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5 thoughts on “NYC YouTube Meetup”

  1. Wow, with that wig you looked just like HappySlip. Who was the dork with the glasses bothering you and wifeofnalts?

  2. As a card-carrying member of the Couture-Challenged Toothless Southerners Association, I’d like to thank you for bringing our plight to the attention of New Yorkers.

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