Where Can I Find Video Contests?

Two sites that feature online-video contests:

  1. Vidopps (5 stars: kept current as of this writing- can sign up for e-mail alerts)
  2. Online-video Contests (4 stars: pretty but not as comprehensive- can sign up for e-mail alerts)
  3. YouTube contests (3 stars: not enough)
  4. XLNTads (too new to rate, and I’m biased since they sponsor me)
  5. About.com Desktop Video (1 star: dated and annoying auto-roll ads)

When you enter, don’t forget to try these techniques to increase your chance of winning.

7 Replies to “Where Can I Find Video Contests?”

  1. WIN $10,000! — “Pimp My Grill” Video Contest

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  2. Thanks Nalts – your praise is better than a year’s supply of butterfingers. I hope the new design helps people fund stuff even easier.
    Douglas at VidOpp

  3. You should check out this link for the Girls Night Out group on Gather.com:


    They’re having a video contest where a group of 4 girls can win a trip to New York City for a weekend. The prize includes:

    * Trip for four to New York City for two (2) nights, including roundtrip airfare & hotel*
    * Four tickets to Mamma Mia! on Broadway
    * Dinner out for one night
    * $500 cash

  4. there is another website that hosts contests…zelixy…www.zelixy.com…not just video tho…it can be a contest for anything and prizes can range from money to charity work…pretty cool…it looks like the site is still getting off the ground but i think it will be cool down there road-not only that but it is a social networking site as well which is a rarity in the contest arena…

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