The Daily Reel Goes Community. Misses Felicia.

thedailyreelnalts.jpgThe Daily Reel is continuing its evolution from a rich news site to a community. The site began as a nice online magazine about the entertainment and video space, and has evolved into much more (as a disclaimer I’m an occasional volunteer contributor to the site). Users can now set up a “Reel” and begin networking with other creators. In a more surprising move, the site is offering user the ability to upload videos. To set up your own reel, visit the REELEDin section. My Nalts reel is here.

The queen of the site is the impeccably cool Alexandra Delyle. And Michelle DeForest provides a scrumptious podcast for those looking for a Cliff Notes of what videos are hot.

Now in case you miss her predecessor, Felicia Williams (seen here at YouTube’s last gathering), sleep peacefully knowing she has safely landed at YouTube on the editorial staff. No word yet as to whether she’ll stop taking my calls.

We’re expecting Felicia and her former colleagues from The Daily Reel to be at the NYC 777 YouTube gathering. It was, according to both sides, an amicable separation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t arrange a mud fight in the Washington Park Square fountain.

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  1. The daily reel as a professional social network leaves a lot to be desired for usability. I tried to set up my own reel but the site kept freezing my browser (Firefox 2.0). Had to switch to IE just to get things to work. Then once I signed up I wasn’t all that impressed with the profile requirements. Think I might wait for daily reel 2.0. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

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