Mike Gravel “Rock” Video Parody


Oh this is one of the favorites of any videos in which I’ve been. ChristopherMast is a musician, nurse, actor and comedian in LA and he kills in this. I can’t stop watching it.

To get the reference you have to know about the original Mike Gravel “Rock” video.

1:55-2:05 is my favorite moment of the Mast spoof.

Author: Nalts

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1 thought on “Mike Gravel “Rock” Video Parody”

  1. I don’t get the Mike Gravel “Rock” video. Even if it IS a derivation of a video I made 6 months ago (which was a derivation of a video someone else made last year). I STILL don’t get it. Nice twist, though. Oh wait. I think I get it now. It’s a zeitgast commentary of online video entering the primal subconscious of….no, wait. I lost it again. Who is the rock? Are we the pond? Is Youtube the troubled waters mentioned in the bible?

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