Nalts Hocks Merchandise

I’ve been avoiding this for a while, because it’s a bit cheesy even for a commercial bastard like me. But I’ve had some requests for Nalts gear, and coincidentally Gage Skidmore of send me some artwork recently. So now you can buy Nalts stuff at the CafePress store… hats, t-shirts, shirts and other random self-promotional merchandise.

If you feel like making art for this merchandise, please send it to kevinnalts at gmail d’com. I’m dying for a cartoonized version of myself. Is that vain?*


* Rhetorical question

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  1. HatofNalts here and I’m very unure about me beeing massed produced and sold on the internet. But seriously I gotta ask my dad for his credit card and get a video of it. This should be fun.
    P.S. I’m also disappointed that you didn’t make your classic gren color available Nalts. :-)? :-(?

  2. a rainbow Nalts hat, hmm… the t-shirt makes me want to do laundry for some reason, and the teddy is just too cute, where are the mugs?! How will I drink my Nalts Brand Coffee without a mug?!

    The Charlie Emo Loser shirt is great!

    I still think you need more slogans and I agree with Jordan the backs need the addy, only I’d put instead of youtube, unless youtube pays you to advertise for them.

    Here are few slogan suggestions
    Nalts he’s a funny guy. (cartoon natls)
    Nalts a family man (picture of marker in nose)
    Nalts, ask a soccer mom. (picture of WON)
    Nalts, that funny comment made by Zack Scott about breeding (rare)
    Nalts, I can’t think of any more right now, but I bet others could…

    I prefer simple:
    black font lucida sans
    (front center upper case) NALTS
    (front center lowercase) viral video genius
    (back center lowercase)
    works for me 🙂

  3. Why do I suddenly have the urge to do my laundry?

    I fully support this merchandising thing, and would do it myself if I could. But several of the comments above make good points. I’m FAR more likely to buy a nalts shirt with the screen shot of you with a marker up your nose, or as “bigheaded”nalts, or a screen shot of you running with scissors, etc., than I am to buy a nalts t shirt with the Tide detergent logo on it.

    Here’s something you might consider: For t-shirts, think about some of your more popular videos and come up with images (like screen shots) from those videos. For example, a screenshot from the viral video genius video with the words “nalts . . . a viral video genius” underneath. I think these would be very marketable to your die-hard fans, and could even help introduce you to a larger audience initially attracted by the cool t-shirt but soon sucked into the whole “fans of nalts” phenomenon.

    for hats — i want one that looks like yours, with the name embroidery like yours, in the khaki/green color family The the ones on cafe press look more like trucker hats. Maybe you can work a deal with the people who sell the hat you currently wear. . . that you’d take orders and they’d manufacture and ship? Who knows, I’m not the marketer here, you are..

    And a sure bet for all those fickle nalts merchandise shoppers (i.e., moi) . . . . coffee cups!!!!!! or cold-drink cups! With a humorous picture of you and maybe a funny phrase to go along.

    With this current rollout you’re still testing the waters to determine the level of interest, which is good. That’s the best way to get started with this kind of stuff. Take what you learn and adjust accordingly. That’s how life should be lived, right?

    I’ll save my funny comment for later.

  4. I actually did send Kevin one that shows him in a “cartoon”-like form. It’s actually on one of the hats. The YouTube Homeboy hat. Don’t know why Nalts didn’t use it on a shirt :(.

  5. There’s a scene in “Grand Canyon” where a bum holds up a cardboard sign that reads “Will work for food.” Looks just like your cardboard sign, Kevin.

  6. There are a bunch of great ideas all over the place and I think it’s just a matter of time. Setting up cafe press, takes some work especially, if you don’t have a lot of time and your new to the whole idea.

    I’d love for someone to give me a hand 🙂

    note to self: add merchandise or merchandising to the topic list…

  7. lol…when did tide start making nalts merch..i musta lost the memo..i dig nonetheless

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