YouTube Obsession Growing

naltsof.jpgLow on posts here at WillVideoforFood because I’ve been spending all my time on YouTube. You know, it’s one thing to get into the ad-share partners program (see video), but an even better thing to receive a video like this. Not only does the YouTube community have the time and inclination to park 147 variations of my username, but someone (Sukatra) makes a video featuring them.

14 Replies to “YouTube Obsession Growing”

  1. Re:What’s with all the people making “Nalts related” videos?………they got burned out on star wars,now theyre going to camp overnight outside nalts house!

  2. That AnalWartofNalts is just offensive. Oh crap… I am late for my plane! What am I doing online?!

  3. Seriously buddy, you just made my week!!

    P.S. I got the shirt today. The reindeer is on its way.

  4. Connor aka HaltofNalts here. I don’t think it’s childish, I spend about an hour on Youtube during the Summer. Might as well have some fun doing it! GO NALTS!

  5. Your persona Kevin is kind and approachable. You deserve the same type of recognition back. I can’t think of many more who deserve the ad-share program, and fewer who deserve pleasant public recognition from video peers.

  6. I doubt if he’s been partner long enough to answer that question with certainty, but Youtube making partners sign a non-disclosure agreement makes me think the money is nothing they are proud of or want to broadcast.

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