Changing Advertising Forever?

A new site for amateurs looking to create commercials, and it sounds similar to Xlntads, which recently launched., which hasn’t officially launched yet, describes its process:

  1. Paying advertisers post “Requests for Brilliance” on our site, seeking YOUR creative talents in a variety of advertising media.
  2. Feeling inspired, YOU choose to respond.
  3. YOU create an ad on your own — or by collaborating with other members of our community.
  4. YOU submit your ad and promote it among your peers.
  5. If your ad is selected by either the advertiser or the community, YOU can earn as much as $50,000.

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  1. Hey Nalts, are you at Pixelodean? If not, you are missing out! It would be great to meet you in person…I love your videos!

  2. When I was in Hollywood, a lot of companies in the entertainment industry wanted people to ‘work on spec’, which is a fancy way to say ‘work for free’ on the off chance (WAY off) that someday they MIGHT get paid. It’s nice to see that online video is NOT changing the way the entertainment industry operates.

  3. Hey, this is totally off subject but I just found out that Steven Starr left Revver. After leaning that revver has lost numerous executive within the last 6 months or so, I wonder what is going on with this company and if these departures are going to affect the way that revver operates and eventually have a significant (and possiblty negative) impact on revenue and other current options avaialble to video creators on that particular website.

  4. My understanding is that Starr left the CEO position for chairman of the Revver board, so he’s not completely gone. Still, I believe that any diminishing of the only DEMOCRATIC, open-to-ALL revenue sharer (as Revver is) will bolster other so-called revenue sharers to continue with their plans to pay only the tip top elite most popular content creators and SOL everyone else.

    Wait. Blip and VuMe are open to us unwashed masses, too.

    Look, you either give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on the merits of their individual video and marketing efforts or you limit success to a tiny percentage of folks chosen by “editors”. The later is most profitable to corporations, so which way do YOU think we’re heading?

  5. We’re awash in these so-called revenue-sharing sites. I’ve been posting to Al Gore’s CurrentTV but the way the voting works makes it hard to rise to the top and get paid for content. If you “Redlight” and comment on someone’s video, they and their clique vote you down and spam you. Just happened to me. I attacked a guy who’s posted a vid making fun of a homeless black guy (“Werd on the street” at CurrentTV) and I’ve gone from “in with a chance” at 122 to Nowhereville. Sigh. It’s hard being a Renegade.

  6. “Look, you either give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on the merits of their individual video and marketing efforts or you limit success to a tiny percentage of folks chosen by “editors”. The later is most profitable to corporations, so which way do YOU think we’re heading?”

    Is it time to open a co-op?
    Do we need hippies for that?

  7. this is like the music biz, you need to get attention. create a hit, then build community/fan base on that.

    then you have to keep coming up with stuff/hits that make people stay and tell their friends.

    develop brand loyalty. hard to do when there are so many places to go on the net, but having personality, being clever, witty and charming helps.

    create a home. every one likes to go home. home = safe, fun, away from it all. which means you have to interact with your peeps and nurture them. even if it’s just a simple, thank you.

    some boards/sites can keep going with the hard core fans/followers/interested parties, but you have to create something that people become a little addicted to, that makes them feel they are a part of, that make them want to be a part of something.

    community building is a lot of work.

    alternative methods…
    1. you’re rich, fund it yourself!
    2. find investors!
    3. read the Secret and win the lotto, see #1.

    the nice thing about youtube is that the people are now there, you just have to find ways to wrangle them in and kiss a little youtube butt. if youtube paid all the content creators, you’d see a lot more wrangling and word of mouth.

    steve, chad, come here, I want to talk to you guys… listen, you had a great idea for a platform, but it’s all the people who uploaded and worked hard to get viewers to make youtube a household word. you know the success of youtube is mostly due to word of mouth; let’s face it, you’re front page sucks pretty much and no one really goes there unless they’re bored or want to see if they’ve made it. so like your pappy says, “do no evil,” share the wealth d00dz. become community orientated, charge the networks and hollywood types rent for the space and share the wealth with the people who keep um coming back day after day after day. I know there are cheaters out there, but you guys are smart, you can find ways to detect proxies and fakers. even if the B C D E list of content creators get revenue from just logged in users at a penny a pop, reach out and touch someone. you can do good things. chad steve george you guys made it now change history for the better, be more than a footnote in the history books, do it before it looks like you only did it to cover up the greed [coughbillgatescoughstevejobscough].

  8. i personally thought the video introduction to was very clever and better then the landing page at Xlntads. I’ll be interested to see how these companies do signing up beta prospects and getting content on their sites before the launch. Neither said on their sites what brands or types of advertising videos they want. i think they will have to pick that wisely if they do have much choice in the matter. kevin, aren’t you on the board of Xlntads?

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