Never Doubt the Power of a Virtual Community

cult.jpgI’ve had many occasions to be struck by the power of virtual community, but never quite like this.

I recently made a video titled “NAPPY” in which I asked fellow YouTubers to help me get into the YouTube Partners program (which allows select creators to share in the advertising revenue). The NAPPY video is now the 7th most responded video in YouTube history

I woke up this morning to find this amazing collaboration among Nalts viewers… “Cult of Nalts.” Absolutely amazing, and I’m touched and humbled.

Thank you to all involved. I have a feeling this just might do it!

20 Replies to “Never Doubt the Power of a Virtual Community”

  1. if any one deserves it you do, as much as i hate to admit it, i told george if he valued his job, he would make you a partner. Now gimme back my ommpa loompa – Evil Willie Wonka

  2. Nalts – perhaps the reason they’re avoiding you is because of the devastating effect sharing revenue with a successful poster would have on the bottom line. Some possible suggestions:

    1. Post bad videos
    2. Insult your fans until they leave
    3. Every character in every video should fart at least once

  3. You deserve it nalts! No one else can make me laugh at least once a day except for you and your fans. I’m proud to be one of the CultofNalts. Hope your conversation with George Italianishfoodname went well, and hope to hear news soon! In the meantime NAPPY will continue!

  4. NAPPY TIL THE DEATH!! you know, i think PC might be on to something there – comparing a Nalts video to one of the current partner videos is like comparing the sun to a bag of flaming dog poop.

  5. I can just see PC’s # 3 being a video shortly

    I dont know how many others were in Cult of Nalts but i know when i saw the final product i was blown away.

    NAPPY continues till we are told otherwise.

  6. Hey, I’m way out of the loop here. Has the revenue sharing actually started at Youtube? How do we know? Has anybody actually been paid? Where do I find that? Who says they’ve been paid? Why should I believe them? Are they paying on views or are they just sending a few people some seed money? I mean, I can go to Metacafe and see just how much money Metacafe claims to have paid you, Kevin, on a per video basis. Where do I go to see how much Renetto has made? Something smells really fishy here.

  7. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the Cult of Nalts video until after it was done and posted, otherwise I surely would have contributed. As I said in my own “NAPPY” response, you are the reason I visit YouTube each and every day. A day without Nalts is like a day without sunshine.

  8. Baby strollers in the background are a nice touch, but you’ve always had a way with melodrama. Congrats on the video and heartfelt response. Hope you can give up the day job soon.

    And NAPPY is a much better acronym than CON – Cult of Nalts.

  9. I’m dying for the update too…

    I think I’m going to start my own spinoff:
    Christopher’s Righteous Advocates for Partnership Placement on YouTube, of “CRAPPY” for short!

    (shamelessly pimps own website and blog)


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