YouTube Partners Program Gets NAPPY

Enough being coy. I’ve waited to be invited into this YouTube partners program, and they’ve been quiet. So it was time to ask my viewers for some support in a new movement.

Nalts Advocates for Partnership Placement on YouTube (NAPPY). Join the cause. My goal is to start deriving revenue from YouTube by July 7, 2007.

See video plea & video responses from supportive viewers.

7 Replies to “YouTube Partners Program Gets NAPPY”

  1. You know what the funniest part of this video is? When you’re talking about your conversations with the other youtubers about how much money they’re making and you say “I’m happy for you.” That may be your best bit of acting yet!

  2. Just for interest, are the creators on the youtube partner program making any serious $$$, or just crumbs?

    Would getting on the program mean you get enough to quit the day job, Nalts?

  3. Hey Nalts its Brian from the youtube show D-man and Homie-B. I was wondering if you knew what was the different amounts of money you could make with the partnership. D-man is played by Dylan from Dylan’s Couch which him and i are best friends and he told me you knew him so just thought i’d ask.

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