Secret Video Tools Used by Rocketboom

rocketboom.jpgJust when I was fatiguing trying to search through various custom applications needed to make more interesting videos, I stumbled into this post by Rocketboom.¬† You’ll get answers to such questions as:

  1. Why does Rocketboom still¬†use Quicktime? It’s friggin’ 2007. Get with Flash (long answer).
  2. How the hell do I open this stupid PC file on my Mac? (answer: Flip4Mac).
  3. What compression do they use? (3IVX Compression for Quicktime).
  4. How do they grab images from the computer screen? (Snapz Pro with Movie Capture
  5. Do they use a fancy editing package? (Nope- iMovie just like me). I bought Final Cut Express but it’s just too dang intimidating.
  6. What ever happened to Amanda Congdon? (They forgot that one).