Ripping Videos from YouTube

tasty-apps.jpgA colleague of mine has developed a cool site (Tasty Apps) that hosts low-cost widgets and software for Macs. I love this new “FLVR” tool because it’s horrendously painful to otherwise download videos from YouTube.

For instance- I received 60 video responses to my “Save the Junk” video. I wanted to compile the best videos into this “Junk Winners” video. This would have taken me hourswith some of the free sites, but instead FLVR allowed me to download (aka “rip”) each one with just two clicks. First I click the image on my Safari browser window, then I click the thumbnail for download. Best of all, you can have several videos downloading simultaneously.  

I recouped the modest $15 cost in this project alone. It would have taken me hours using other sites (like KeepVid). No, he’s not giving me a cut for for promoting him. I just think this is a tool most of us need.

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